Prevent heart attack if you are over 40 by avoiding these foods

Ladies and gentlemen, to Prevent heart attack, I will be sharing with you today, 4 foods you must avoid if you are above 40 years of age. Heart attack is a giant killer globally, it has no respect for persons or class, it does not respect anyone except God.

Some of the people experiencing health issues at the age of 60 and above tend to be people that cared less about their health in their 40s due to their jobs, families, and so on.Also 7 Ways to Avert Prostrate Cancer in Men.

And that is why the consumption of these foods should be at a very low rate because your body needs less sugar, fat, and calories to avoid high blood pressure. Below are foods you should avoid or consume less.

To Prevent heart attack, do not eat the followings:

1. Roasted Chicken/Grilled Meat

Chicken, beef, fish, or meat that has been grilled at high temperatures may increase the chances of having high blood pressure due to their high sodium and saturated fat(added during seasoning).

2. Fried Foods

Due to the content of trans fat in some oils, fried foods increase the risk of heart disease which might lead to high blood pressure.

3. High Potato Consumption

Increased potato consumption may increase the risk of high blood pressure due to the ill effects of high sodium.

4. Baked Foods

Doughnuts, cake, meat & fish pies, pizza, and many more are linked to higher triglyceride levels which can lead to high blood pressure.

Their sugar content can lead to high cholesterol, obesity, inflammation, or diabetes which is a risk to the heart and might lead to high blood pressure.

5. Yoghurt & Ice cream

Ice cream and yogurt contain high sugar, saturated fats, and calories which is not what you need for a healthy heart to avoid high blood pressure.

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