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Health Benefits of Lemon Grass tea

Lemongrass is an herb that originated from Sri Lanka and South India but now grows in many countries around the world; it is used for various purposes. Lemon grass is relatively unpopular and as a result many people do not know about the health benefits they can get from consuming herbal tea made of lemon grass.

Lemon Grass is used to increase the aroma of hygienic products such as deodorant and soap due to interesting taste. Don’t miss reading Top 7 drinks that can naturally flush toxins out of your body

Lemon Grass is also a major element in some herbal teas. Drinking herbal tea made of lemon grass has several health benefits.

Here are six health benefits of lemon grass tea:

1. Lemon grass reduces cholesterol levels: has high cholesterol dangerous because, can clog arteries that can cause a heart attack or, stroke.

However, according to research published in Advanced & Research pharmaceutical technology, extract from lemon grass which includes lemon tea helps reduce one’s cholesterol levels.

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2. Lemon grass relieves anxiety: According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, anxiety means fear or nervous about something that might happen.

Lemon Grass has certain traits that can help relieve anxiety which means drinking lemon grass tea can help reduce anxiety.

3. It improves oral health: oral health relating to oral health here includes; teeth, gums, tongue, etc.

Studies have shown that; eat lemon grass or, drink lemon grass tea prevents certain bacteria that cause cavities to grow teeth. Also, lemon grass helps keep the mouth clean.

4. Lemon grass relieves insomnia: Someone is said to have insomnia when they cannot sleep. Insomnia is dangerous because it can cause so many health problems.

However, lemon grass contains certain sedative compounds that can cause sleep. In addition to these sedative properties, Lemon Grass also helps to relax nerves and muscles that can also help insomnia to sleep.

5. Fight staphylococcus aurous: Staphylococcus is a bacterial infection. Lemon grass has compounds such as phenols and essential oils that play a role in fighting Staphylococcus aurous infection.

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Apart from the health benefits mentioned above, lemon grass can also help relieve pain, prevent infection, etc.

How to make lemon grass tea.

To make lemon tea grass, simply boil a cup of water, then ride the boiled water into the lemon grass and leave for about five minutes. After a five minute drain lemon grass from the cup and lemon tea you are ready.

Although there are no known doses, some medical experts have advised people not to drink more than one cup of lemon grass tea every day.

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