Causes of Mouth Odor – Top 9 causes of offensive mouth odor

As we all know, mouth odor is that offensive or unpleasant smell that comes from the mouth of somebody. Records show that many persons are suffering from this health condition today without knowing the cause or how to avoid it. You will agree with me that mouth odor is very degrading and intimidating because it decreases your personal self esteem and also repel people from you. In this post today, i will be highlighting top 9 causes of mouth odor. Also find time to read list of foods that are very healthy for your liver when you must consume regularly.

Below are top 9 causes of mouth odor:

1. Digestive Challenge

Factors such as constipation poor bowel disorders and poor digestion can all cause bad odor on the breath. If you frequently experience acid reflux, the odors from recently consumed foods may easily make their way back up the oesophagus and out the mouth, causing bad breath.

2. Consuming High Sugar Diets

It should interest you to know that diets that are high in sugar and protein can also cause bad breath/mouth odor. A diet high in sugar can lead to bad breath and could be the reason for halitosis due to how sugars interact with the existing bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria that naturally exist in your mouth feed on sugars turning sweet treats in to sour smells.

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3. Eating Low-Carb Diets

It is a well known fact that carbohydrates is very vital because it plays some functions in our bodies, and if your diet is low enough in carbs, it can lead to bad breath. When the body doesn’t get enough carbs due to an extreme diet, this can cause changes to your body’s metabolism which can lead to bad breath.

4. Consuming High-Protein

I want you to understand that majority of high-protein foods are sometimes difficult for the body system to digest, as a result sulphurous gases are released when they don’t metabolize. Therefore, consume more balanced and nutritious diet including more vegetables and herbs.

5. Eating Flavorful Food & Drink

When you consume onions, garlic, spices and certain vegetables, they cause food particles to enter the bloodstream and are carried to the lungs, and bad odor is the end result. Don’t miss reading this very helpful post, dangers of eating food fried with oil that has been used several times.

6. Mouth dehydration

It is advised that you always keep your mouth well hydrated; this is because saliva plays a very significant role in cleansing your mouth. Bad odors build up whenever the mouth is dried.

7. Diseases

It has also been proven that offensive mouth odor can be caused by some underlying medical conditions such as malaria, cancer, liver failure, ulcer, etc. It is advisable to visit a dentist whenever you start experiencing symptoms of mouth odor to know the exact reason.

8. Poor dental hygiene

Also, whenever you fail to brush your teeth regularly, offensive odor is bound to emanate from your mouth. Dental health should therefore be taken seriously. If you can brush your teeth at least two times a day, you are sure never to develop mouth odor.

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9. Certain madications

Another thing that can cause mouth odor is when we take certain medications. Some drugs such as diuretics, sedatives, amphetamines and others tend to dry out the mouth, thereby causing your mouth to smell badly.

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