Causes of erectile dysfunction and how to manage it

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a situation that occurs when men have difficulty maintaining an erection for a long period of time. Technically, ED occurs when the human body system fails to supply enough blood to the penile network, resulting in a weak erection.In this post, i shall be unveiling to you top 4 causes of erectile dysfunction in young men and how to manage conditions.

Please note that ED is not the same as impotency, because it can be easily reversed with the right technique or therapy. In the past, Ed was largely proven in older men, but it became very common among young men.

At this point, it is very important to state that whatever distracts you from focusing on a woman, during heating or sexual relations that can actually cause erectile dysfunction. Let’s look at some of the causes of Ed in young men. Read also this very helpful article titled:High Blood Pressure is Culprit for Erectile Dysfunction

1. Anxiety

This is a state of worries or nervousness that affects an inexperienced young man who might be hanging out with women for the first time. Many things usually affect the soul when a man will come down with a woman. It could be worried about the size of his virility, or that he might not be able to last a long time in bed. Guilt can also cause anxiety that leads to ED. Most young men, especially those who have good care usually feel they do sin if they sleep with women. Sexual meetings scheduled also cause anxiety.

2. Smoking and recreational medicines

Smoking does not only affect the lungs, it can also cause temporary erectile dysfunction in young men. This is because smoking and the use of several other recreational drugs prevents blood circulation into vital organs, including penile networks.

3. Excessive alcohol

Too much alcohol is not only bad for the heart; it can affect men’s sexual life negatively. Alcohol suppresses a mood and someone’s feelings. It also reduces blood supply to the penile network, causing a weak erection to men. Continuous alcohol drinks can also cause permanent erectile dysfunction or impotence. Men are advised to drink responsibly.

4. Lack of sporting, obesity

Sports increase free blood flow to all organs. It also makes someone fit and nimble. Once a man stops exercising, it affects the level in which the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body, including the penile network. As a result, it becomes difficult to maintain an erection. Likewise obesity is a very big problem in terms of sexual ability. Men with obesity usually have high cholesterol levels in the blood, which prevents blood from flowing freely to the penile network. This is the most “fat” reason for young men suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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From the mentioned above, it is possible to conclude that the cause of ED in young men is mostly psychological and habit, not necessarily the result of the underlying pathological condition. Therefore, the only way to manage ED in young men is to overcome the causes listed above. For example, a young man can overcome anxiety through counselling and self-care. Individuals who often experience erectile dysfunction must avoid smoking and drink excessive alcohol. They also have to exercise a lot.

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